Seaside Coffee, directly under Seaside Resort, is the favorite choice of stylish young people, famous artists and successful businessmen when they come to Vung Tau coastal city. Possessing a beautiful position right on the sea front with wide open views of the vast ocean, Seaside is the first cafe in Vung Tau combining 3 types of coffee most popular today:
Coffee Terrace: vibrant, bustling
Coffee Garden: Peaceful, relaxing
Coffee Lounge: private, quiet, luxurious
The impressive point of Seaside Coffee is the modern and luxurious design style but no less personal. The menu of food and drink has always been renewed and updated according to the world trend but at the same time still shows a unique and creative style. The young manager said he wanted to give customers a great time with unforgettable experiences.
4 Star Resort at Viet Nam

Enjoy a quiet living space, harmony with nature, and experience the new resort style of the era: "Seafront living" - enjoy life in the style of the discerning and class.



Top 20 Luxury Resorts in Vietnam 2017
Global Best Luxury Boutique Resort 2018
Luxury Beachfront Hotel of the Year 2018
Asia’s Best Relaxation Retreat 2018

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